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A Guide to Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

When it comes to replacing your roof, it’s a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Naturally, you’d want to hire the best roofing contractor for the job. However, knowing what to look for can be a challenge. For most individuals, replacing a roof is something that you hopefully won’t have to do more than once in your life.  It’s a considerable investment, which makes choosing the right company critical. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the process.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor is a Difficult Task

If this is your first time replacing your home’s roof, there’s a few key things to consider. Ensuring that you do the proper research on what to expect when hiring a contractor is extremely important. You’ve already made the first step in the right direction, and you’re in the right place. Identifying the things that are non-negotiable and knowing what your bottom line is can make this unfortunate event easier on your family and your wallet. Follow these tips when hiring a roofing contractor:

You Need to Consider More Than Price

There’s tons of advice people pass around when it comes to home projects. One that is commonly said is that you need to have at the minimum 3 estimates, others say 5 is a good number. Something to consider is there is no reason to restrict yourself to 3-5 estimates. Instead, it’s advisable to take the time to communicate with potential roofing companies until you feel that you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision.

Research a Company’s Previous Jobs

In the service industry, reputation is paramount for most businesses. Online reviews from individuals who have previously utilized a company’s services offer impartial, third-party feedback. It’s worth noting that the average person who replaces their roof will see a return on their investment of nearly 70%. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research before investing your money.

What are the opinions of other homeowners regarding the roofing contractor? You can inquire with the company about obtaining a list of homeowners to contact, or you can search online for information about the company’s previous projects.

When Did They Start Their Business?

Experience is important, whether it is your home, health, vehicle, or your family’s safety. Why would anyone choose a roofing contractor with no established history of producing top-notch work?

Regrettably, transient contractors are well-known for vanishing to avoid paying compensation, only to resurface later under a different name. To avoid falling prey to such dishonest contractors, it’s advisable to collaborate with a company that has decades of experience and an unblemished reputation.

Verify The Licenses and Insurance

Undertaking a roofing job is perilous, and as such, we never recommend that homeowners attempt it themselves. It’s crucial to possess the appropriate tools and merchandise for the job, and to have the gear and the knowledge to perform the job safely. Likewise, experience is crucial. Respectable roofing contractors possess all the necessary licenses and permits for every project they undertake.

Moreover, a top-notch roofing installer will have adequate insurance coverage for its workers, which will protect them in the event of an injury during the roof’s installation. As a homeowner, you should never engage with a contractor that cannot furnish proof of adequate insurance coverage for their company and those who work for them.

Ensure That Agreements Are in Writing

All aspects of your roofing installation should be recorded professionally, but it’s crucial to fully comprehend the financing terms. A reputable roofing company will guide you through the contract and address any concerns you may have regarding payment. None of the agreement’s components should be ambiguous or left unresolved.

Inquire About Unexpected Repairs

Regrettably, unplanned repairs are typically the norm rather than the exception when it comes to home improvement. Once you do any home project, you’re likely to uncover additional issues that require attention, unfortunately most of the time renovations never go exactly how they would in a perfect world.

Roofs can function similarly. Sometimes, the decking is decayed or compromised due to moisture, or the team uncovers damage that must be fixed before additional water infiltrates the property. Inquire with your roofing contractor about how it handles unexpected delays. This way, even if you’re taken aback, you’ll know what to anticipate.

Will the Roofing Contractor Remove Your Old Roof?

Certain roofing companies may opt to install new shingles directly over the existing roof. However, this is generally not recommended. This is because it adds extra mass to a roof that is likely already past its prime and in need of new decking. Also, it fails to address any underlying issues, such as damage hidden by old shingles.

Although it may be a viable and inexpensive short-term solution, it will ultimately cost you significantly more in the grand scheme of things.

SolarMax has been serving homeowners in South Florida and the Gulf Coast areas with our expert roofing and home remodeling services for many years. Throughout this time, we have established a solid reputation and gained the trust of homeowners. We may have even done roof repairs and installations in your neighborhood! Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation or to get more information about our company and why we are the top choice for your roofing needs.

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  • I found it interesting when you said that roofing product estimation could help provide a realistic planning approach for your roofing project. My cousin informed me yesterday that he was planning to have a roof repair consultation because of clogging and leak problems due to a lack of roof maintenance. He asked if I had thoughts on the best roof servicing approach. I’m thankful for this enlightening roofing guide article for effective roofing planning. I’ll tell him that he can consult a trusted roofing company as they can provide details that will provide the best roofing solutions.

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    Thanks for helping me understand that we might find additional issues that will require attention during a home project for renovation. We should probably be prepared for that, especially if we would need a roof repair service. So my husband and I should make sure to save extra money once the renovation project starts after finding the right contractors for the job, especially when this house is quite old.

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