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TAMKO Elite Glass-Seal Fiberglass Asphalt Shingle Colors

When it comes to roofing, the name TAMKO might not ring as loudly as Owens Corning or CertainTeed, but don’t let that fool you. For over 75 years, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has been crafting quality asphalt shingles that stand up to the test of time. With competitive pricing and remarkable durability, TAMKO shingles offer a cost-effective alternative with qualities similar to pricier brands. In this article, we’ll delve into the array of TAMKO shingles available, helping you determine the best fit for your roofing needs.


Introducing TAMKO Shingles: A Brief History

Founded in 1944 in Joplin, Missouri, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has earned its stripes as a reliable manufacturer of asphalt shingles. The company introduced its renowned Heritage line of shingles in 1975 and later brought forth SBS-modified bitumen for commercial roofing. In 2004, TAMKO’s acquisition of MetalWorks marked their entry into steel roofing shingles. Today, TAMKO offers a range of weather-resistant asphalt shingles and SBS-modified waterproofing solutions for flat roofs. Let’s take a closer look at the variety of TAMKO shingles available.

TAMKO Shingle Selection

TAMKO offers three primary types of shingles: traditional 3-tab, laminated asphalt shingles, and metal shingles. The 3-tab category is represented by the Elite Glass-Seal line, while the iconic Heritage laminated series stands out in the architectural dimensional shingle realm. TAMKO has also introduced new shingle options, including the Titan XT and the StormFighter IR, part of their innovative Heritage Proline series.

  • Elite Glass-Seal 3-Tab Shingles

TAMKO’s Elite Glass-Seal brand is the sole line of 3-tab shingles in their arsenal. These shingles, available in 13 colors, sport a fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and ceramic granules on both sides. With a 25-year limited warranty and a 5-year Full Start Period, they’re fire-resistant and come with a 10-year algae cleaning warranty. At around $75 per square, these shingles provide an affordable and dependable choice.

  • Heritage Shingles

TAMKO’s Heritage series takes center stage in their selection, mimicking the look of wood shakes. Standard Heritage shingles, with a 10-year Full Start Period, boasts a Class A fire rating and a 15-year limited wind warranty up to 110 MPH. These shingles are available in 15 colors, costing about $90 per square.

  • Heritage IR Shingles

Designed to brave the fiercest storms, Heritage IR shingles have a Class 4 impact rating. Their added thickness comes from a polyester mat layered with asphalt and ceramic granules. With a 15-year Full Start Period and 30-year limited warranty, these shingles are available in four darker tones.

  • Heritage Woodgate Shingle

For a rugged, dimensional appearance, Heritage Woodgate shingles are three times wider than their counterparts. With a 10-year Full Start Period, 10-year algae cleaning warranty, and Class A fire rating, these shingles come in six colors and resist winds up to 110 MPH.

  • Heritage Premium Shingles

Emulating wood shakes, Heritage Premium shingles offer a thicker profile. With a Class A fire rating and wind resistance up to 110 MPH, these shingles are available in 13 colors.

  • Heritage Vintage Shingles

Heritage Vintage shingles feature a classic sawtooth design and qualify for TAMKO’s Mastercraft Limited Warranty. Available in five colors, their slightly heavier build might make installation a touch more complex.

  • StormFighter IR Shingles

A part of the new Heritage Proline series, StormFighter IR shingles excel in weather resistance. With a Class 4 impact rating, wider nailing zone, and wind warranty up to 160 MPH, these shingles are ideal for those who frequently confront severe weather.

  • Titan XT Shingles

Also part of the Heritage Proline series, Titan XT shingles are engineered to endure harsh conditions. With wind warranties up to 160 MPH, an AnchorLock layer, anti-aging granules, and additional sealants, these shingles are well-equipped for extreme weather.

  • MetalWorks Shingles

In addition to asphalt shingles, TAMKO’s acquisition of MetalWorks brings steel roofing shingles into the picture.

  • StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles

Mimicking cedarwood or natural slate, these galvanized steel shingles feature Kynar 500 coating for rust prevention. Available in eight colors, they boast a 50-year limited warranty and a 25-year Full Start Period.

  • StoneCrest Tile Steel Shingles

Coated with Kynar 500 and 100% recyclable, these uniform-like tile shingles carry a 50-year limited warranty and come in three colors.

  • AstonWood Steel Shingles

Resembling cedar shakes, AstonWood Steel shingles are also coated with Kynar 500, Energy Star qualified, and available in eight colors. Their recyclable nature and compatibility with existing asphalt shingles make them a convenient choice.

Pros and Cons of TAMKO Shingles

TAMKO Shingle Advantages

  • Cost-Effective: Offering a balance between durability and price, TAMKO’s Heritage shingles are more budget-friendly than some architectural counterparts.
  • Robust Warranties: TAMKO provides clear warranties, addressing installation and material defects over time.
  • Weather Resilience: TAMKO’s StormFighter IR and Titan XT shingles excel in shielding against severe weather, while several Heritage shingles resist winds up to 110 or 130 MPH.
  • TAMKO Edge Program: TAMKO’s new contractor program enhances warranties, offers tiers for certified and non-certified contractors, and provides a digital portal for easy warranty registration.


TAMKO Shingle Drawbacks

  • Delamination Risk: Some customers have reported shingle delamination over time, especially with certain varieties like the Heritage Premium.
  • Limited Lifespan: Lawsuits have highlighted premature shingle failure, raising concerns about durability.
TAMKO vs. Owens Corning and GAF

While TAMKO isn’t as widely recognized, it competes favorably against major manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF in terms of durability and cost. Here’s a comparison:

Brand: Average Cost | Durability

TAMKO: $55-$200 per square | Winds up to 160 MPH

GAF: $80-$120 per square | Some shingles have unlimited wind limits.

Owens Corning: $80-$120 per square | Winds up to 130 MPH

Are TAMKO Shingles Right for You?

Though TAMKO may not grab headlines, their roofing products hold their own against industry giants. If you’re in search of a high-quality, budget-friendly shingle that replicates the appeal of wood shakes, consider the TAMKO Heritage shingle series. These shingles offer a vast array of warm colors and durability thanks to their laminated fiberglass mat. Remember, hiring an experienced roofer like RidgeMax Roofing is crucial for any installation. 

While a small number of customers have noted delamination concerns, TAMKO’s 10-year Full Start Period mitigates these worries. If you’re after a dependable, cost-effective shingle that stands strong against the harshest conditions, TAMKO shingles offer a sturdy choice.

Ready to Transform Your Roof with TAMKO Shingles? Contact RidgeMax Roofing Today!

If you’re considering upgrading your roof with TAMKO’s durable and cost-effective shingles, look no further than RidgeMax Roofing. As your trusted local roofing partner, RidgeMax Roofing provides top-notch installation, expert advice, and unparalleled customer service.

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