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Roof Leak Diagnosis and Repair in Florida

You just noticed it, the small tea or rust-colored spot on your roof, or the water dripping down from your ceiling. Now you are trying to identify where the roof leak is coming from so you can try to get it fixed. Fortunately, roof leaks in Florida are relatively easy to diagnose if you know what normally causes them.


Outer Layer Roof Leak

The first thing that most people think of when trying to identify a roof leak is the outer layer of shingles or metal sheeting. After all, it is this layer that is primarily responsible for keeping water out.

As you investigate the exterior of your roof, keep in mind the damage may not be directly above the area in your home you see the leak. Rather, it could be above that spot and off to any side. Once water gets past the outer layer, it will run down the decking and joists. It may also saturate the insulation before you see it in your home.

When inspecting your shingles, look for any sections that look different than the rest of the roof. This could be missing or misaligned shingles in addition to shingles peeling up around the edges.

More difficult to identify are where the nails may be pulling up and allowing water in through the nail hole. If you can get onto your roof, you can easily find these while walking the roof, and are relatively easy to patch.


Damaged Flashing

Flashing is used around the edge of your roof, called drip edge flashing. It is also used around anywhere there is an angle or joint in your roof. This could be around a chimney, where the roof level meets another level of your home, around vents, and more.

If the flashing is not installed properly or is damaged, it will not direct water away from the joints as it is intended. This allows water to get under your shingles and start damaging the roof.


Leaking Skylights and Chimneys

A very common roof leak is around chimneys and skylights. If they are not installed correctly, then they will leak very easily. However, they also need additional maintenance over time to keep them sealed properly.

You should inspect the caulking around your skylights every year to ensure it is still intact without any cracks. Even small cracks will allow water to seep in when it dries and shrinks during the winters in Florida.


Knowing When to Seek Help

A roof leak can quickly cascade into additional damage to your home, leading to water damage, mold, and even electrical problems. When you discover you have a leak, you want to repair it rapidly to avoid any additional damage.

When you hire a professional roofing company, you know they will quickly identify the problem and fix it, in many cases without needing to replace your roof. They also have all of the safety equipment needed to ensure they are safe while conducting the repair.

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